How Benessere Works

We want to help you and the medical community, personalize, understand and think differently about health and wellness. By increasing knowledge of illnesses we will be able to better help the global community.

  • Catalyze.
    Mobilize change in the global community's approach to health and wellness.
  • Innovate.
    Speeding the delivery and bridging the gap between health and technology.
  • Sustain.
    Our low-cost, high-impact model is efficient and transparent to maintain sustainability.

About Us

Benessere is a startup non-profit entity focused on building health models through big data and utilizing digital devices such as the Microsoft Kinect to help drive down healthcare costs. Our vision is to educate the global community on sustainable health and wellness. Our mission is to challenge the traditional patient episodic care by focusing on proactive “personalized health wisdom.” We aim to detect, reduce and in some cases remove the impact of certain diseases through technology and activity based measurement.

A majority of Benessere’s research targets illness detection through symptoms that we can apply through vitals and activity based interventions. As part of this, Benessere is working with the Medical University of South Carolina, Sacred Heart University, while pursuing additional domestic and global partnerships. We look to increase better health and wellness applications by supporting hospitals/clinics that assist us in validating our models.

Our technology/service targets the digital health experience for the community with the goal of enabling health monitors that record physical and physiological characteristics in health services. The result is that individuals receive “real-time” personal health recommendations over time that results in improved health and wellness results for life.

We invite you to join us and change the world of health, one community and one person at a time.

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The most direct way for you to get involved is to join our community, or Donate now. With every step you take to help Benessere, you help grow our digital health community, expand our reach, and spread our message.